Golden deer serves a wide range of Pumps & Pumping system to various industries. We fulfill the demand for reliable, highly viscous, and corrosion-free pumping system. Product is designed to match the needs of industries with modernized technology to work constantly in process.

As the product has accessibility to work under different pressure, it has been designed to give a completed look. The high efficiency and low life cycle costs

Commercial & Residential Doors

The commercial & residential doors a complete standard finish in professional outlook. We set the need by providing our customer with a fire-resistance door, metal & steel resistances with long-term durability, access point and safety barrier from outer- world. Choosing a lasting door with a completely professional finish gives lasting statements for others.

Industrial & Marine Valves

We distribute numerous Valves for industry & marine. Our experiences lead us to come-up with various updated valves in the market, which fills the gap between the demand and supply for the industries & marines. We feature a compressive range of valves with reliability, corrosion-free, and long- term investment free product.


Sustainability Goals

We are focused on building a long-term, sustainable business.