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Golden Deer serves valves that consist of a mixture of an austenitic phase and a ferrite phase. Steel has both austenitic and ferritic stainless steel's properties.

Our Valves has stronger resistant to corrosion than the commonly used grades of valves, are widely used in various industries such as chemical industry, seawater desalination, shipbuilding, petrochemical industry, oil, and gas industry.


An important use of GLOBE VALVE is to regulate or throttle fluid flow none to full capacity. They may be operated efficiently with the stem in any position from wide open to fully closed. The changed in direction of fluid flow through the valve produces increased resistance & considerable pressure drop in globe valves.

Service Recommendations

» Flow regulation or throttling

» Frequent operation

» Increased flow resistance

» Positive shut-off when closed

Swing Check Valve

CHECK VALVES prevents reversal of direction of flow through a line. They offer quick automatic reactions to flow changes, the pressure of the flowing fluid keeps the valve open & any reversal of flow closes it.

Service Recommendations

» Minimum resistance to flow

» Low-velocity services, especially


» Infrequent change of directions in backflow prevention

» Used generally with CHECK VALVES

Gate Valves Standard Features

» Boiled Bonnet

» Out Side Screw & Yoke Type,

» Rising Stem

» Reduce Bore

» Plug Type Disc

Available On Request

» Hardface Wedge

» Full Bore Design

» Welded (Seal Welded) Bonnet

» Available In Forged Carbon Steel/ Forged Stainless Steel

» Different Type Of Trims As Per Customer Specific Requirements

The Usefulness Of The Butterfly Valves Has Increased With The Development Of Elastomer Liners With A Wafer Body Which Provide A Tight Shut-Off. Such Liners Normally Utilize Back-Up Rings In The Body To Effectively Support The Liner. This Provides Sealing Of The Liner Against The Disc As Well As The Adjacent Flanges.

“SCENT” Make wafer Check Valves Are Compact Design, Space Saving & Less Expensive to Install & Maintain These Check Valves Can Be Mounted Between Two Flanges of BS/ASA/DIN Easily.

Available On Request

» Metal To Metal Seat

» “O” Rings Are Available In Nitril, Epdm, Ptfe, Viton Etc.

» Non Slam Check Valve

» Dual Plate Check Valve